Platonic relationships

We were having an office conversation and the topic fell on married couples having platonic relationships/friendships and what were my views on it. I personally feel that men and women can have platonic relationships/friendships with parties outside of their marriage. It is up to the individuals to see when and if the so-called platonic relationship/friendship is going in the weird zone to pump some brakes on it.

I have a few (and by few I am counting them on one hand) male platonic friends and if I caught a whiff of them making any sexual advances or innuendos, I would cut them off in a heartbeat. My opinion is if you can’t respect my marriage then we can’t be friends. The thing with being friends with someone who is not your significant other is being honest with yourself, the individual and your SO.

Don’t get caught in a lie, in fact don’t lie especially if you think you and this person are just friends. Lying now makes you a suspect and if you have to lie then that means deep down you know that this relationship/friendship is not platonic.

What is your take on it?


Meli Mel

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