Self-Care Tuesday

This should have been a self care Monday post but my youngest started Kindergarten virtually yesterday and gosh let me tell you, today will also be self-care Tuesday.

As part of my self-care routine, I gave myself a gel manicure using the following, this was my first time using Gellen products and I’m still on the fence about them.

This week facial products that I am trying out is by Fenty…The set includes a cleanser, toner and sunscreen moisturizer. I personally find that less is more with all of the products.  The cleanser lathers very well so you really don’t need too much.  The one thing I love about the cleanser that is unlike other cleansers is that after you wash it off your face, your face doesn’t feel dry and it also have some nice fruity smell.

The fat water toner serum is also a less is more too…it doesn’t burn or feel dry after it is on the face.

The sunscreen moisturizer is one of the best that I have used.  Normally when I use sunscreen moisturizers you can still see some whiteness on my face, it never disappears into my skin (always have me looking like a damn ghost), this moisturizer is truly invisible as the name says and smells wonderful too.  I am going to use it with my PMD Clean (review on that one is coming next week).

I’m on a path of finding the right product for my face to remove some of the discoloration.  I have done the professional route already and nothing has worked (filters work fine with my pics for now, lmao)

I’m also continuing my meditation with the Calm app and of course that is centering me, need to start incorporating some exercises into my routine very soon cause that Rona weight is saying heyyyy right now.

What did you do this week for self-care? What do you plan to do?

Meli Mel

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