Review of WOW Galatica 2023

Today is the dayyy… W.O.W 

My favorite event of the season

They pushed the time back to 5, but that’s okay, the sun eh go be too hot then

Just reach and the outfits eh giving space uh but it still early so we’ll see 

The decor is looking good as usual but it seems they still setting up. I guess they expected people to be on Lucian time but people come on time

Wow this girl followed the theme well

I guess galactica is a hard theme to follow. Some people have floral stuff 

One thing Trevor always go be the life of the party eh

Aa where that lady going with that wig 

Okay everybody eat, their belly full now time to fete 

Everybody getting on the dance floor now 

Aa to me they coulda had a lil bouillon or corn shop like the past years’. Food pack up, restrooms pack up, the people ready to go. If the fete was push back 2 hrs them people have another 2 hrs to be there eh!

HP coming up so I hope he eh talk too much cause he does come like Barrie Hype

So far all DJs have been good no long talk just vibes 


Where’s the Soca? We eh care about dancehall right now it’s Soca season

Okay talibans can get a pass… Bap Bap Bap tunnnnnneeeeeee

Bro they keep repeating the sameeeee songs. They doh have no other Soca songs??

I didn’t stay till the end because I got tired but as usual wow was WOW!



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