Review of Transcend 2023

Transcend speed tonight but whole day it raining 

I feeling sorry for the people that go be on the Sab cause I seeing pictures and that looking yack right now

The rain stopped but de fete get pushed back from 8 to 9 

Just reach the fete. For starters it’s not as cold as last year granted I have long pants and not a little dress like the last year 

There’s a decent crowd compared to last year too but the night still young 

Okay the set up looking nice ih 

The dog rum always complimentary eh next time I’ll pay my money cause that yack 

AA where them old people going in their full suit like is a breakfast fete that deh 

I thought the pink was for the Barbies I guess the men say they Barbies too 

Them girls must not be Caribbean cause they can’t wine

Boy DJ Chengz baddd ih

They Better not do too many rounds with that truck eh

Truck moving earlier than last year too 

Thank God for my man eh cause I on the truck lol

Okay it too hot there lemme get back in the crowd

Seems I shoulda bring my fan, sa chaud

 Vibes definitely better this year

Okay but now to enter that crowd eh making sense

 I self doh like to wait in line

 They done tell them off the music

I should’ve gotten back on the truck before they entered the gates 

Jahhh it hottttt

Okay that stand up thing eh making sense 

It was much more of a hassle getting in this year than last year

Another lineeee awa bro 

I feeling claustrophobic deh ih Jah 

I should’ve brought my fan cause wow it is hotttttt

Now they want to check people and bags it’s a little too late for that ehh  

Waittt no way they eh have no toilets here 

Nahhh I was just about to give them their flowers but no washroom, no porta potty awa awa awa 

Okay they did much much much muchhhhh better than last year

Do enjoy some random pics and videos:



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