Review of U10 – St. Lucia Carnival 2022

I’m 2 hrs late so they had better already start or I getting on bad. Okay we reach and I hearing the music…idk who on the mic but they talking too much for me already. 

AA seems some of these people come straight from Escape or Aura they still in their floral wear….people doh know how to follow themes?? Wow sis going to a wedding it seems 

Ok first observation, they didn’t even have a sign saying where general admission is vs VIP. A vagrant that tell me ih. And all there I have to walk for the entrance wahhh and they have no lights there a little again I step in horse shit.

Walking in..Kisha performing; can somebody tell her she don’t have to yell to perform.

Wow it is really packed…another fight to get a drink sigh, more bars still not enough servers.

But gosh Lucians really impatient eh, but is a good thing my sister behind the bar cause she go check for me 😂 big up youuuu.  I shoulda buy two drinks one time ih. I hear they run out of Campari already, is a good thing I not drinking that medicine (they didn’t run out Lucians just saying what they want, not that I care lol)  people getting me drinks so I eh have to fight with the bar again 🥳 

Seems there’s too many people in one place Digicel service eh working much. 

The fete nice ih idk if it’s because I have liquor in my head but it have a vibe, good transitions, all performers have me moving….okay I lie cause idk what maxi priest doing there but the older folks jamming.

I guess people tired cause why the stands have people, this eh cricket!

Seems all fetes ending at 2:30 but this was a nice little vibe and much better than when I attended it in 2019. 



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