Review of Heellooo – St. Lucia Carnival 2022

Storytime for this one:

That fete really sounding quiet coming in. That sea breeze eh going with me uh. Photographer taking posed pics as you coming in. All these pictures I have on these photographer’s cameras I wonder where I getting my pics 😂. But it looking like it is a small fete that there…I shoulda go to verve ih. No wonder that was only $28.

This was my first time going to this fete, so I didn’t know the setup was on the beach. There were lines for everything; there was only one tent for food and drinks each. And while I understand that because it seems to be a small fete they should have had more bartenders or servers. That bar was all at the back. That set up not good uh!

Meanwhile the crowd was still coming in but it’s still quite empty for that small space at that time of the night.

Oh gosh Mr. Talk-a-lot on the mic 🙄

I attempted to get a drink and to me I doh want it again. I waited about 20 minutes already in that line.. finally I get a drink and wahh them plastic cups feeling real flimsy. The bar eventually died down and it was easier to get drinks.

Once the Dennery segment drop that’s when the party really started.

HP come like Mr. Talk-a-lot! The fete going on nice right now and sigh Mr. Talk-a-lot come back. 

Last hour of the fete was Dennery segment aloneee, Mr. Talk-a-lot didn’t talk much during the session and they even went all back & play old Dennery segment too.

I must give Jack his jacket cause the fete was nice it ended earlier than expected but it was nice nonetheless.

Random candid shots 



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