Review of Transcend – St. Lucia Carnival 2022

So de fete was supposed to start at 8 according to tickets and advertising, 10:30 fete ent start yet and de place was looking real dry. It was now 11 pm and nothing yet. I understand it said moonlight mas so maybe they should have put the thing starting at midnight or something like that….okay I starting to hear some music now.

Supposedly this fete was to be a movie and they were setting the bar high on it….I eh see the movie or the highness of de bar yet uh…fete still eh making sense. Okay I am now inside and it have people but awa for that drinks truck. I wasn’t sure what kind of liquor they had but they sure were not high end. I see everybody with nice cups and I have an old paper cup even if my mother tell my stop collecting the people cups I still want a nice one 😤

My overall thoughts on this, good concept but poor execution. 

And the way it was setup, it felt like being on the road for mas; everybody was storming it. You would swear it was a marathon we were doing as many times we pass around the stadium there. Everybody ready to free up cause the whole of NY there.  They finally stop the truck in one place for us to free up (bands were required to pass the gate this time), the vibes was nice until they started bringing up artists. Honestly the performances wasn’t saying much uh but Dhirv got the crowd to move and be a little hype and after that the crowd got dead again…at this point I was ready to go home so I left.

I did see on someone’s snap that got lively again after I left, oh well. Not sure if this is something I will do again, or maybe give it another bligh..I have seen Grenada’s moonlight mas and that looks really good, so the concept is there for them, is just getting it together!

Do enjoy some candid pics that I took, but like I said this truly have some potential!



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