Review of B.A.D 2023

First stop when I come in is coffee cause I need it.

Breakfast just finish set up, a little of everything for everybody

Okay they have a tea station for the tea people cocoa tea and tea bags

They even have souse

I hate how difficult it does be to find a bin during fetes. Dress it up to look nice and place one in every corner.

Everybody strolling in looking how tired 

Per usual, Trevor is on the dance floor, ready to start the fete 

It’s very hot but the vibes still nice

Them clouds looking like rain coming. Okay the clouds pass

Eh they okay but to me I badder than them B.A.D girls 

Awa them girls need more energy to start the fete, Trevor can do better lol

They shoulda get some Dennery girls

Idk if people still mashup, it too early or they eh clock out but there’s not much people here and I don’t mind that because the food did not run out, there was really not much of a line for food and I saw they had festival and jerk chicken after.

They have Cotton candy & snow conesss, yummy 

I’m at a happy place 

These promoters always understand their assignment eh

Cold cloth w/ eucalyptus perfect for the foreigners that eh use to heat lol

They even had a section to fix up your makeup

Cooyah have better songs than that where the ratchet songs Deh 

Okay look it Deh 

Aa lol the convent aunties eh clock out Ms Felicia on a zoom call deh

Aa why the music stop to me we going till 12 pm

Lemme go have some more smoke herring in the meantime

Oh they had the fire breathing people that’s why the music stop for a little.

Well time to go. I may be going out later so I need some rest.

Enjoy random pics below:



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