Review of SIB 2016

sexy in black

So I am really trying to be a bit partial for dis fete eh but lawd.  This is not my first time at this venue so I knew the ground situation but lawd last night was de worst.  Up to now my feet still hurting and I think that is what made the situation even worse and not made the show enjoyable.

Ladies yall need a special mention before I say anything about the show…some of yall were looking real nice and sexy in trute, some of yall ummmmm…where what fits yall and look in a mirror first eh…but for the most part de ladies were on point despite de grounds being a bit muddy.

The local acts came and do their thing, some I knew, some I never heard of before.  Ricky T came on and of course in true Ricky T form mashed down the place.  One thing I will say about Lucians…we are a special set of people.  Sedale did a live performance and brought up his camp and some performers and he had a bleh response from the crowd, later DJ Scratch Master comes playing the same songs and the crowd goes wild; I don’t get it…but dais my people eh.

Farmer Nappy again wasn’t given a good response, Lucians still don’t know his music so for the majority of his performance many people just stood up looking at him.

Honestly this fete was a snooze fete for me.  I was literally falling asleep standing up and had to resort to alcohol to keep me up and like I said the rocks jooking me was not helping at all.

As much as I love Kes, I always knew he is not a good live performer.  I have seen him perform many times in Trini and in Miami and have always said that about him.  Personally I think he covers too many of people songs and that is a bit irritating to me.  He is good to listen to on a cd and get vibes but a live performance from him is bleh.

What I miss…..oh that little bit of reggae and some cover of that shit trap music….we are in de carnival season can we please just hear strictly soca.  This show looks like in my opinion eh that it is slowly dying artists or musically wise.  I am curious to see how next year goes.

Ok I going to soak my feet cause dem stones really jooked under meh feet.  I have some videos to upload later…wifi is a bit choppy at this hotel right now.



Meli Mel

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