Review of J.O.B. 2016


The concept of this boatride was nice but the execution was not so.  I am not sure what is happening or happened in the camp but the boat didn’t leave out the marina not until 11:30.  No bueno man…if yall know yall wanted tings to start late tell people dat but to see we get there by 9 and not even music or drinks were on the boat yet….

Now it is carnival eh, but why DJ Hershey dere playing mizi rap and whatever else dat was…I want to hear soca at a carnival event not rap…So yes the ride started a bit slow with that type of music for me.  It picked up speed when he changed to soca and when DJ HP came on set.

So the concept of the ride was to bring one bottle on the boat and you buy drinks on the boat and food was available.  What food???? Bouillon with pork!  Is not everybody eating pork….you cannot have a boatride with 2 pans of food that contain pork and play you include food…steups…You know what yall should have done; some bakes and saltfish and put on plates wrapped in cling wrap….now dat would have made sense…You know people been drinking since Wednesday and bakes and saltfish is de cure for everything.  So if yall eh take nothing from me, take this lil idea eh..Is not everybody eating pork so you have to just be general when it comes to food.

The weather wasn’t the best, granted there was still some burst of sun for the most part but we still had some rain.  It was vibes at some point with the few people that was there, it is an event that I can do again in the future but yall have to fix up and come better. Oh and Mr. Sedale wasn’t even at his own boatride, supposedly he was preparing for Soca Monarch or some other excuse that was given…sigh.

I wish DTS and Sedale a good Carnival weekend and like I say fix up for next year and yall will be alright.  Overall J.O.B. gets a 6 out of 10 from me!


Meli Mel



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