Review of Remedy

Fete: Remedy

Location: Pigeon Island National Park

This gone be short tonight…ah tired. Good beach cooler vibes but personally I feel more Lucian soca needs to be played. I understand it was a mix of Trini and Lucian with Yuma and Just 4 Fun but come on now.  We are in St. Lucia and we have enough music, whether it old or not that could have been played instead of all that Trini music. It is high time we start appreciating our own even if some of the songs are complete nonsense. If we don’t appreciate and support the locals who else will!

I ent even going to touch on dem blasted songs I say should be in de cemetery…I feel dem dj’s just like to work my nerves eh, lol. Anyway de vibes was real sweet until de trini girl DJ come play some hip hop…ummm girl dis is carnival and I eh know about anybody else but I eh want to hear no damn hip-hop, rap or whatever else around dis time. I want strictly soca, there is enough soca to play at a fete without even repeating any songs, and this is coming from a non-dj.

My 1 qualm about the venue, there should have been more bins around the place so people can drop their place was a mess after…when I see things like that I think is so de vibes does spoil and the powers that be go say yall eh getting de venue again cause it too messy. (Maybe I been in America for too long, which is why I think this way)

Until meh next fete folks, happy vaval. One thing I have come to realize, I have more fun at fetes than at live shows. The vibes are just nicer even if the host stay talking….like Lucia only have 1 person to host shows now.

Some pics of the scene…if ah ketch anybody that should not be there then meh apologies eh:

IMG_20150718_180109 IMG_20150718_180149 IMG_20150718_180235 IMG_20150718_180248 IMG_20150718_180317 IMG_20150718_180339 IMG_20150718_181613 IMG_20150718_181618 IMG_20150718_181755 IMG_20150718_181848 IMG_20150718_181853 IMG_20150718_182829 IMG_20150718_183701 IMG_20150718_183723 IMG_20150718_183739 IMG_20150718_204657


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