Review of Indulgence Breakfast Fete

Fete: Indulgence Breakfast Fete

Location: Gaiety

And this ladies and gentlemen is how dj’s should play at a fete…lawd dis breakfast fete was bess. DJ Levi Chin has restored himself in my books, played a full hour or so of Lucian music. Music came down real sweet! The vibes was real nice, de sun was blazing and did I say the music was good already.

There was less talking on de microphone, more Lucian music but still de songs that I will keep nameless that should be in the cemetery was played; guess 2 out of 3 ent bad right.  Special shout out to DJ Shane and Selector Twiss for holding it down good today.  Patrick de hype man from Trini was good too as well as DJ Bandit, but I need to give meh lucian brothers their props.  Continue so on de road and we go be all good, please and tunks!

DJ’s please doh play Palance, Jump and It’s Carnival on de flipping road eh…..please please ah begging yall.

Now my one and only qualm….saltfish and tuna fish was done by 7 am…had to eat bakes and corn beef and I doh like corn beef nor do I eat pork. Heard de cocoa tea was sweet but I doh drink dat either…I walked with my tea bag and thank God I did.

But this was really a good fete, nice setup, with desserts and drinks on one side, food and fresh coconuts on the other while there was a lil place for people to seat and ketch themselves from Remedy or Transcend was in the back of the place. All fetes should be like this I find.

So for next year, the powers that be should just know how to portion up de food and cater for de amount of tickets sold and then some.

As usual some pics:

IMG_20150719_072117 IMG_20150719_072204 IMG_20150719_072243 IMG_20150719_073630 IMG_20150719_073721 IMG_20150719_073832 IMG_20150719_074122 IMG_20150719_074135 IMG_20150719_074152 IMG_20150719_074210 IMG_20150719_074544 IMG_20150719_082106 IMG_20150719_084900 IMG_20150719_090605 IMG_20150719_090619 IMG_20150719_090625 IMG_20150719_092544

Going to rest for de next fete!


Meli Mel


Mel I enjoyed reading your reviews. I planned on being home but work took precedence. I do hope as you put it “the powers that be” take into consideration all of what you have said and apply it 2016. You are so right in saying that no other music other than calypso should be played, after all its carnival. Do have a safe and enjoyable jump up and safe travels back.


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