Review of Remedy 2017

Again, I will give a noteworthy mention…..PALANCE wasn’t played by any DJ’s.

Now lemme start it.

I spoke too fast from after ESCAPE….Mr (the dj that loves to hear himself) messieur he really talk oui. I honestly don’t see the reason for hype men at these parties, people already hype to be there and they just kill the vibes.

I was a bit disappointed with Remedy this year but tried to make the best of it. I understand the need to promote artistes but some of these one hit wonders just killed the vibes as well. Might as well just let the dj play their music let us enjoy instead; now talking about the dj’s self…can y’all play a song full way or at least till de good part done…5 minutes and people getting hype then y’all done the song.

Ricky T could have saved the crowd but I felt he was rushed (not sure if it was his choosing because he have to save his voice) but I felt he could have brought the show to life.

Ultimate Rejects were alright nothing to write home about, it is unfortunate that not many people know Maximus Dan older music when he started with Soca Train most people just stood there. We left after his performance because I just couldn’t take it again. Heard the last dj was ok but his time was short.

Something was just missing about Remedy this year, I am not sure what it was, maybe I needed to drink because there was a moment where I just sat down on a plastic bag, that is how bored I was.

Here are some pics:

Will upload more when my connection is better, lol.

Onto the next fete; Breakfast Fete.


Meli Mel

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