Review of Escape 2017

So I will start off with…………..




Can you tell how excited I am…I wrote in caps. (hopefully, I don’t blight mehself)


Escape as usual was a very good fete to start off my season.  We got there early enough to enjoy the dance floor before the crowds hit and bring in the heat.  For the first time in years I will say I did not have a problem with Barrie Hype and he mout…my hubby said he think I was drunk already and that is why.  But he did hold the crowd good and he go get a bligh this year.  This year all the dj’s getting a bligh too because none of them played PALANCE (a few repeated some songs and I still say to this day we have too much music to repeating songs in between sets, but I digress).  Sir Lancealot started with a wtf moment from me, but I got his method to his madness and lawd he went back in time with some sweet lucian kaiso and once again, did I say arready nobody played PALANCE…hehehe 🙂

Now on to de nitty gritty……Organizers but what happen to de food uh…5 hours after a fete start and you going to look for food and they eh have none….DAT MAKING SENSE! Den de caterers say they making pizza, I could have ordered Domino’s Pizza and it would have reached there before de 2 hour wait supposedly for the pizza.  After a time I had to stop drinking because I didn’t want to get sick and thank God for juice cause that held me down until I could get something to eat after de fete….now people pay “hototoe” (big) money for an all-inclusive experience and how you can run out of food….Do better at de next fete where yall providing food eh or drop this new catering company.  Then DIGICEL, how you supposed to be a sponsor and wifi working but it have no internet, DAT MAKING SENSE. (yeah I didn’t come for de wifi, but ah didn’t feel to use meh plan when supposedly dem have free internet….yeah I am a LUCIAN after all and we like freeness)

Despite the food fiasco and a few rough patrons that just doh know how to say excuse me or some that doh know about doubling up with deodorant, de fete was BESS! I would still give yall a bligh next year just remember we want food for de whole time eh!

Enjoy some pics:

Caterers were serving finger foods earlier (that was a good touch, but I still wanted food food)

One of the many bars

Before the crowd came

The rain did not stop the fete


Meli Mel

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