Review of Indulgence Breakfast Fete 2017

July 16, 2017

Once again dis fete was epic.  In the past it used to be at Gaiety and have hopefully taken residence at Pigeon Point and although I wondered about it, I was pleasantly surprised and pleased.  I am happy that it was moved though….Gaiety was so hot especially when that sun came up. The set up was a bit different with patrons going up a little hill for food and drinks and desserts were scattered around.

The breeze that came in was one of the best things about this venue, I won’t go into the dj talking because I am thinking my battle is futile with that, lol.  Music was real sweet, nice atmosphere and vibes. This event is a must for St. Lucia Carnival.

Enjoy some pics, more to follow later:

I figure I give them enough grief, might as well take a pic with them lol


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