Review of Escape Fete 2016

I said it last year and I will say it again…this is de fete to be at, especially if you didn’t do anything Wednesday considering there was no CMR (thought they would make an appearance to redeem themselves from last year, but alas, maybe next year). This fete was grown and sexy kinna vibes, no tiny boppers in your feet. Anyway we got there at a good enough time, where they were not too packed nor was it empty.

DJ’s on the lineup was Barry Hype (ah not saying noffing about the man eh, cause yall know where I will go, but I think dais just Barry)…funny the only place I saw Barry quiet and was nodding his head was on de plane ūüôā (doh buff me eh Barry, but gassa…ok I eh saying nothing), Levi Chin (man people doh want to know how much dub plates you have, just play de music eh), Scratch Master and Sir Lancelot. ¬†All the DJ’s were good, granted they played alot of the same songs in most of the sets. ¬†Scratch Master, I doh know who you are and where you are from but you was bess. ¬†Sir Lancelot, dat ole school segment was real nice too…Levi Chin dat siwo kinna music was bess but just cool out on all de dub plates gassa, we know who you is. Kes was in the building and made a little appearance at the DJ booth as well.

Now I done with the DJ’s…de food and bar situation. ¬†The major bar that wasn’t brand specific run out of ice about an hour left till de party done, don’t know if that is good or not; maybe the servers gave too much ice, I eh know. ¬†Some of the food people need to learn to be a little more courteous and learn to work under pressure…..some of yall were some rude people man (and I say the word people lightly). ¬†I was literally begging for food and de man want to offer me pork…umm Sir I don’t eat pork, I want some more fish, oh we can’t give you more fish and real rude too…I did get more fish from another guy but if people pay $260 EC give dem a lil more food if dem ask for it eh.

All in all, I will give de fete an 8, cause I taking off 1 point each for de bar and de food. ¬†Oh I will add a .5 for that free wifi powered by Digicel….that was a very good touch. ¬†The concept of this party should be kept just improve on de bar and food situation. ¬†So overall Escape gets an 8.5 out of 10 eh.



These views are amazing.


Meli Mel


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