Review of Escape Fete

Fete Name: Escape

Location: Stony Hill in Monchy

EPIC…..wish I could end this blog post with just this word…that is how good dis fete was. We got there like 6 pm and the toughest part was finding a parking spot. After finding a spot, we walked up to where the shuttle brought you to the location. Upon entering the place, I was already impressed and just knew that this fete would have made up from the disappointment of Color Me Red.

The drinks were in abundance, it was truly a rum drinker’s heaven…not so much for me since I am not a drinker but I was still pleased with the selection that was there. The food section was aptly set-up with also a dessert section across from it and a few table and chairs nearby to enjoy the delicious food. Drinks flowing, music nice, great friends hanging; who maccoing to carry stories or who just minding people business, but it was all love and happiness in de name of vaval.

Don’t know if there were any other DJ’s but when we got there Barrie Hype was playing and later on Sir Lancealot came on. They were pretty good and had some decent selections; but if only Barrie could retire “Palance”, “Jump”, “It’s Carnival” lol….IJS man, dem songs old put dem in de vault eh. Only heard 1 or 2 songs repeated but for the most part their set was good.

Kudos to the organizers on this fete, I mean what else should I expect considering it was organized by Just 4 Fun…(yeah I know I bias, lol, but yall know me, I will give jack his jacket)

Based off this fete, I will now say I am ready for de vaval to start. Didn’t take too many pics, since I was busy feteing lol.

IMG_20150716_183455 IMG_20150716_183511 IMG_20150716_183917 IMG_20150716_184054 IMG_20150716_184128 IMG_20150716_184329 IMG_20150716_184338 IMG_20150716_184348 IMG_20150716_184419 IMG_20150716_184457 IMG_20150716_184559 IMG_20150716_184605 IMG_20150716_204931


Until de next fete!

Meli Mel

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