Review of Color Me Red

The first show for the carnival season for us was Color Me Red All Stars. From the time that I noticed that the usual headliner, Machel Montano wasn’t scheduled for the show and on the flyer had some surprise guest with a question mark, like the promoters didn’t know who they could get I knew the show was going to be a buss…anyway I decided that we should still go, I mean it’s carnival after all and we travel far enough to not be cooped up in a hotel.

Performers for the night that I saw were Erphaan Alves, Mr Killa, Ezra D’Funmachine, Barrie Hype, Patrice Roberts, Superman HD, Ricky T, CJ (one song “Sweff Jook”), Sedale & Wildfire, Hollywood HP, DYP, Skinny Fabulous, Nadia Batson with Jojo and Terri Lyons, if ah forget anybody is early morning after de buss fete I typing this eh…

This was the worst show I have ever gone to…sound system went down while Patrice was performing…poor gyal had to sing by she self cause not even computer she was hearing for she to lip-sync. Nadia was ok, didn’t real wow me while singing other people songs that she eh know all de words for. Ricky T, Mr. Killa and Superman were good but at this point I was already yawning and wanting my money back eh. Ricky T I felt could have brought some life back to the show but I felt he was rushed off the stage. Most of the artists performed for like 20 minutes or so. We left the show while Skinny was performing, he was arrite but I have seen him perform way better before.

I am so happy that I decided to not get any VIP tickets because I would still be pissed.  Tickets were $75 EC and $300 VIP…dem fall on dere head with that price eh.

Let’s hope this vaval is not going to be a boring one.

Until my next fete update eh…..and if anybody come say dat show was bess, dey lying.

Oh some crowd pics I took:

IMG_20150716_000154 IMG_20150716_000221 IMG_20150716_001003 IMG_20150716_002130 IMG_20150716_003443 IMG_20150716_003453 IMG_20150716_003458 IMG_20150716_020851 IMG_20150716_020859



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