Review of Escape 2023

Today we Escaped!

You would think that as I’m 4 hours late I would just walk straight in. Watch a line I have to take oui, sigh 

I just see a man walking out so I really hope the entrance and the exit is the same

Wdf is going on with this line bro

By time I reach inside fete done 

So for the amount of tickets y’all sell there is only one person giving out bands? Oh sorry it’s 2 

🫤 I know damn well they not playing Palance 

That was very ridiculous! 

So because I reach late I cyah get nice cup? They doh know how many people they catered for to have a million nice cups 

Them bar people looking a little overwhelmed

Them convent aunties of mine really mean not one of them want to trade with me. I want a nice cup

I didn’t look for food cause my aunty made some saltfish and my belly was still full but they didn’t really have much by time I reach and the Grace line was very long

The set up is not bad; different tents for different kinds of drinks

Aunty Ella is my new favorite aunty she give me her nice cup 

They say a Dr lose their phone but that’s a Dr they can buy a new one, start the music back cause I not looking for it

Okay I was complaining a lot about the line I had to wait in but Escape was good 

My bartender was lit, the people was lit, all inclusive fetes alone I want to go. 

All in all my first time Escape was great I had a lot of fun and I can put it in my list of must go to fetes but next time I go reach on time.

Random pics and videos for your enjoyment:



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