Review of Indulgence Breakfast Fete 2023

Goooddd morninggggg

Breakfast fete is todayyyy

No park & ride so I hope traffic eh too bad after 

The theme is Pink & Prosecco and I must say the patrons have done well so far

Entering wasn’t so bad but I find it’s still a little disorganized but at least I didn’t wait in a long line 

This is the one fete you go see young people, old people and even grannies 

They really have lines in here, lines for food, lines for the picture booth thingy

Maisayy all there for the restroom 

Ooo yummy treats, ice cream, candyy 

Now the water bins are a very nice touch nobody has to go to the bar just for water

The sea breeze nice right now but that eh going with my hair steups

Vibes still slow everybody checking for their belly right now 

These lines are ridiculous I need these promoters to learn how to better cater to large crowds cause them lines not good

And why some of the food doh have sternos under them 

They have waffles and no more chicken 

AA people eh eat at home why these big people quarreling for food

My uncle just finish eat he deh sleeping at the people party

Trust my family to make their own section with their blankets

Why people have on bathing suits I mean I know it’s on the beach butttt  that’s not the vibe

Okay people start the fete uh so people can go dance and the lines can free up

Not nothing I hate more than a line oui

AA why the girl backside looking so (these bbls killings yallll)

AA lmaoo I thought people that have twins was bad but now I seeing people with triplets poor jab

Look SHEIN and Fashionnova outfits oui lmaoooo 

Line after line after line after line jahh

I finally sit to eat, and I eh like it so 

Okay it’s now 8 am, play some good stuff uh, start the fete no more slow vibes

Okay the wind not winding again

Wow sis sticking to the theme with her pink wig 

Check Valene wet everybody in the crowd

Okay the wind winding again but look like rain go come

Look rain

First fete that catch me in the rain 

The icy truck with the makeup touch up was 🔥, 2nd time I seeing that and again I say, GREAT TOUCH

Consensus is “Clock Out” by Imran Nerdy taking road march (edit to add, my mom thinking is Hello Carnival by Ezra)

I ask somebody where their pink they say pouci I eh go tell y’all who doh 

Battacha? AA jusso you 

Back 2 Basic feel they in Miami or what

Bro why they not playing Soca songs it’s carnival steups 

Okay we back to the soca

AA they running from the rain they scared of water

That rain was a nice cool down

When you have good weave you eh have to run

AA the party finish? Lool

They just stop the fete they just send me home aa aa

I should have planned to go to Red’s Brunch oui

I eh ready to go

AA the foreigners making more traffic than anything 

I go cool out by Thirsty Parrot until the traffic dies down

Where was the Prosecco? Because the theme was Pink and Prosecco, and to me there was no Prosecco.

Outside of the endless lines, Indulgence was great 

They stopped very abruptly though. We were getting it real good and all of a sudden I hearing get home safe and music stop…

Random pics for yall enjoyment:



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