Latest S. Carolina Trip

Our latest road trip was to my in-laws in South Carolina for the Independence weekend. We also took that moment to once again visit Columbia where there was all the hoopla about the Confederate flag and to also educate the kids about it.  The following are some pics we took at the State House.



The flag is now down and placed in an archiveIMG_20150703_142020

The front of the State HouseIMG_20150703_142556 IMG_20150703_142622 IMG_20150703_142653 IMG_20150703_142921

Replica of slave shipIMG_20150703_142941

IMG_20150703_142953 IMG_20150703_142957 IMG_20150703_143009 IMG_20150703_143017 IMG_20150703_143028 IMG_20150703_143036 IMG_20150703_143127 IMG_20150703_143144 IMG_20150703_143838 IMG_20150703_144148 IMG_20150703_144328 IMG_20150703_144548 IMG_20150703_144748 IMG_20150703_144926 IMG_20150703_145045 IMG_20150703_145057 IMG_20150703_145128 IMG_20150703_145212 IMG_20150703_145220 IMG_20150703_145356 IMG_20150703_145710 IMG_20150703_150522 IMG_20150703_150550 IMG_20150703_150600 IMG_20150703_150844 IMG_20150703_150929 IMG_20150703_151000 IMG_20150703_151206 IMG_20150703_151800 IMG_20150703_151823Hope everyone had a good and relaxing Independence Day.



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