St. Lucia Carnival Road Review 2017


St. Lucia Carnival despite the country being under a tropical storm warning on the Tuesday was EPIC.  I jumped with Just 4 Fun Carnival band as usual and although Monday started a bit slow which always seem to be the norm with them, Tuesday was much better.  For the first time this year I didn’t have to complain about the music or the DJ’s playing PALANCE….looks like my prayers are being answered, lol.

I have to give a worthy mention to FUZION MAS, for their first time on the road, I find that they did a really good job based on what I saw.  I lift my hat up to their marketing team, good job and good luck next year.

My husband took the majority of the pics on Monday since the weather was so beautiful, Tuesday was not a picture day at all with all the rain.  That rain didn’t stop de vaval at all, it only stopped the Indulgence boat ride.  I now see how that boat ride had me spoilt!  Going back up the road with everyone just rushing the band was no fun at all, there was a moment where they had to stop the music and they had to admonish security to put people out the band.

I saw a few complaints about costumes, music, food on the road, but honestly I couldn’t complain too much about anything this year.  My only complaint was the running out of water on Monday in that hot sun, but management remedied that situation on Tuesday, so all was fine in my world.  They had my drink of choice on Monday, so I was happy; so much so that I can’t even look at alcohol right now.  Tuesday I stuck to water and 1 piton…no alcohol have been in my system since Monday.  I had a very good time on the road, and I have always said carnival is what you make it…walk with your glue gun, some extra fedders if you may, some extra stockings, some glitter, your crew, your vibes and you will have the best time on the road.  My husband took over 300+ photos, these were some I could download for now.  I may share the rest to Facebook later when the Tabanca hits me and I going down memory lane.

Until next year St Lucia Carnival!


Meli Mel

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