Revel Nation Presents Pandora for Miami Carnival 2021

When I saw the digital launch of Revel Nation, I was amazed at the colors and how vibrant they look…now that I am seeing the costumes in pictures, although they are pretty, I’m like oh ok. Don’t get me wrong, the costumes are nice, and maybe is the photography and the lighting, but I’m not as wowed as I was before, lol.  I think it is the black background that is killing the look for me.

VITRAYA Section Leader
VITRAYA Frontline
VITRAYA Frontline:monokini
VITRAYA Standard
NA’VI Frontline:backpack
NA’VI Frontline
NA’VI Standard1
NA’VI Standard
RITI Section Leader
RITI Frontline
RITI Monokini-shown-with-Frontline-accessories
RITI Standard
TSYORINA Section Leader
TSYORINA Frontline
LOREYU Section leader
LOREYU Frontline
LOREYU Standard
EYAYE Section Leader
EYAYE Frontline:wire bra
EYAYE Frontline
EYAYE Standard

Be safe and stay safe!


Meli Mel

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