Dingolay Mas Presents Kaleidoscope for Miami Carnival 2021

Well we all knew that dem designers had plenty of time on their hands since Covid locked us down and they showing yall that they were not wasting time and just sitting down.  Dingolay Mas is adding the wow factor like many of the other bands… revelers can’t say they will be disappointed this year at all.  There are plenty pretty costumes to chose from this year; if one band sold out cause you were sleeping on you or waiting for your crew that was sleeping on them, then you have options eh.

Take a look at one their offerings:

Prism Front Line
Prism Curvy
Prism Midline
Prism Backline
Prism Male

Follow their IG or visit their website (link below) for more information on their other costumes/sections and registration information.


As always be safe and sane and remember to wash y’all hands.


Meli Mel

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