Happy New Year 2022

So for a few of you who know me personally, know that I love Christmas. Being from the Caribbean, Christmas has always been magical. Getting up Christmas morning to the sweet clean smell of linoleum carpet, baked ham, parang loud in the background…nothing sweeter than that. Now fast forward to me being in America and no linoleum, no ham (no longer eat pork) but still playing and listening to my parang. I usually, well all the time, decorate my home early (beginning of Novemberish) and try to give my household the same Christmas cheer in a different way that I grew up with. I want them to love Christmas as much as I did.

Now that Christmas is done, I have decided for this year, I am keeping up a tree and using it as a holiday tree and decorating it every month for whatever holiday falls for that month or maybe a birthday.

We are starting off January with a black and gold theme of course…we are saying F@ck 2021, Hello 2022.

Night-time look

Day-time look

Click Here to see a video of the look

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Once again, Happy New Year. May it be a new year of learning, happiness, stress-free, no negativity and all that jives…


Meli Mel

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