Random observation

While looking at the stats on my blog, I noticed a search engine term asking about “perm the front of my dreadlocks”……people why would you want to perm the front of your hair if you have dreads.  IMO that takes away from the whole natural look and being natural…

I personally think that if anyone makes the concerted effort to start the dreadlock journey, that even thinking of putting creamy crack near their locs is simply blasphemy.  Not being judgmental eh, but wow and really to each his own…I also notice that many people are coming here to look for loc advise and loc maintenance..so hmmmm I may just have to be writing a little more often about my maintenance of my locs or lack of  that I am starting to fall back in love with 🙂


Watttt perm front of locs??? I heard it all eh not me nah n im glad u fallin back in love with ur hair! Its beautiful n beautiful on u! Wait did I jus pay u a compliment hmmmm … Ah gone.


Kim tunks darling u know u looovvveeeeee me lol


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