It’s really beginning to look a lot like Christmas…






Hello all,

I feel like I have neglected you guys…but rest assured I haven’t…there is not enough hours in the day any more.

How have you all been? Hopefully all is well in y’all neck of the woods and Christmas shopping is all done or almost done.   As for my household, everyone have been told that they are getting one gift so dem better be prepared eh, lol.

The kids put up the tree about 2 weeks ago and we still waiting to put up lights on the balcony…no one is in the mood to do it except J…by the time one of us get in the mood Christmas might be done yes.

Oh this is an up close picture of one of my ornaments on the tree, I have a few makeup ones too and some other shoes, lol.  In case any of my shoe lovers want one, check out Avon (I’m not sure if they still have them, since I have had these about 2 years now, but I know they have the Cosmetic Ornament still and going real cheaper than what I got it for)



Anyways, just stopping by to say hello and don’t spend all the money for Christmas, save some for the New Year, lol…





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