Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my readers.  Christmas has become so commercialized and I hope you make the best of Christmas for what it really is. After all the gifts are open and the wrappers thrown out in the garbage, Christmas is done oui.

But I must say, my one gift per child worked, (not much paper to throw out, lol).  On the real though, they were all surprised at what they got.  We got the youngest ones tablets and made them solemnly swear to not take it out of the house at no time. I made sure to put it on camcorder (that my hubby got me for Christmas)…I am going to have fun with this camcorder and they are going to hate me because I am already having a field day with my Charlie Wally.

Have a blessed day yall, I’m going to get my grub on.


Meli Mel

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