Rainy Weather Vibes

Growing up in St. Lucia, once it rained my mom would do one of two things; chicken soup or make some bakes and cocoa-tea.  I loved bakes and chicken soup, could not stand cocoa-tea.  To this day, I don’t drink it, give me some green tea all day long and we will be best friends.

The whole week S. Florida has had rain 🙁 and yesterday although it was not that bad, I decided to do some chicken soup for dinner.  My daughter’s first reaction is no one is sick mummy why you making soup.  Soup is synonymous with rain for me, while it is with being sick for my kids, go figure!  But anyway, I am glad that I made the soup, because today it is storming and guess what I brought to work for lunch :).  Can’t wait to jump in at lunchtime!

I am sitting here at work, just looking out the window and all I want to do is curl up with a book or watch some television. Am I the only one who feels this way on a rainy day?

I am also hearing a lot of sirens outside, so please be careful out there guys wherever you are even if it is raining or not and also to my readers in St. Lucia since I knew you guys have had some bad weather too.


No Mel ,you not the only one who feels so on a rainy day ,in my household when it rains my kids know whats cooking and looks forward too coming home for that.Enjoy your soup my girl.


No Sis you are not the only one. I get that feeling a lot. It rain here in Seattle almost half the year especially during the winter time. I feel the need to be at
home curl up on my couch with the fireplace going in the background drinking a cup of coffee while reading on my Kindle.


Mmm, rainy days and soup – the perfect combination :)!


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