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May 25, 2012

Yesterday I went to my favorite and most dreaded store, Target.  It's my favorite because there are so many pretty things and colors and it is my most dreaded because even if I go in to buy one item, I always end up leaving there with a lot more than I came in for. 

I have a bad habit of not always looking at receipts or sometimes price tags at the store but afterwards I take a look at them.  So now I am looking at my receipt from yesterday and wondering why are toothbrushes so expensive?  One toothbrush for a kid cost $5.49? I mean seriously does a toothbrush have to be so expensive? I also got a pack of Target brand toothbrush for $2.99 (extra's for if people come over and forget theirs).  Looks like I will be buying more of the pack for my family instead, lol.  But of course with the way they do their marketing, the kids don't want that plain toothbrush; they want that nice one that you can put stickers on (blank stare). 

Candy and gum is so cheap so why can't toothbrush be cheap too.  It is like going to the store to get something to drink and you notice that the soda is cheaper than the water which is better for you mind you.  But guess what you only have enough change on you to get a soda because the water is $1.09.

Is it my conspiracy theorist mind saying that the dentist, the candy/soda manufacturers and the toothbrush makers are in cahoots?

Just a random thought though! But when you go to the store, check out the toothbrush aisle and compare the prices and see if you will find a “good” toothbrush for less than $3.00.

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