Kids can be such a joy!

So today while dropping the kids off to school, I am thinking about what to rant about when my son interrupted my thoughts with a reminder, “Mummy, don’t forget to go on amazon and look for the book pleeeasssee”…..

So I have been hunting for this book for him since morning and of course I can’t find it.  Apparently it is a special edition WWE book and is sold through Scholastic at their book fairs held in the schools.  I gave him money to get the book last week but sadly he said his teacher did not send the class to the fair that day and the fair is over.  And I swear everyday all I hear is about the WWE book so here I am hunting down this book.

Earlier this week he came home with one that he said his friend gave him.  In my household we don’t play that.  If we didn’t buy it for you, it not staying in our house! He returned it yesterday to the owner.  Before he returned it though, he went through it and commenting on everything.  So he came in the room and the conversation went like this:

J – “Mummy “M” likes John Cena,” (M is my middle daughter)..she comes  running in bawling

M- “No mummy, that’s not true, but he likes Kelly Kelly”.

Me: Who is Kelly Kelly, a girl in his class?

My husband and oldest goes mummy wow, (forgive me, I don’t watch wrestling).  How would I know that Kelly Kelly is a WWE diva?

Needless to say he didn’t give his usual lament when we tease him about girls, he stayed quiet and was blushing….I was like oh my, my son is having his first celebrity crush and now I understand why he wanted me to get that book so much.  She was in the book and that is who he wanted to see.

Just writing about this brings a smile to my face because kids are amazing and they can be a pain at times but they always bring smiles to our faces. Brings me to a saying my mom would always drop on me (well one of them, cause Lord knows she was always dropping a phrase on us, lol). 

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.


Aww that’s so cute!


Same thing happens at my house too.


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