Pipe Cleaner Curls

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I have always liked to see curly locs and one of my loc crush always wore her hair in curls.  In doing research, I came across these things called pipe cleaner curls and at first I thought it was some pricey gadget only to find out it was real reasonable and can be found at any craft store.

Craft stores and I don’t agree especially Michael’s (I tend to go to the scrapbooking section and forget myself in there, NO CONTROL, I tell you!) So when my daughter told me she was going there, I decided to make her get them for me…of course she being the artist got me some colored ones instead of black ones sigh…..so that means I have too shake them down properly to remove excess lint from them before they dry and get stuck to my hair.Image

I wanted to have a full look with my curls, so instead of doing 2 or 3 locs per cleaner I decided to do one per cleaner.  My hair was shampooed from the Friday so I just needed to dampen and retwist with some gel.  On my last post, I showed you guys the products that I used.  This time I decided to go back to my normal gel, I didn’t like that Jamaican Black Wax…(not sure why but my hair didn’t stay twisted, within a couple of days, it looked like I had a whole set of new growth already).  So anyway, I use this product off and on in my hair: Image

So with my pipe cleaners already wrapped/bent and a spray bottle of water, I began my first attempt at putting in pipe cleaners….

Steps I took:

  1. I sectioned my hair into four, then broke it down into smaller sections and dampened my hair with the water.
  2. I placed a little gel at the roots and wiped the excess down the loc and rolled the entire loc around the pipe cleaner right up to my scalp then the remaining free end I bent over the loc to secure it.
  3. Repeated the dampening process and the gel at the roots until whole head was completed.
  4. Sigh, now the task of sleeping was on, tossed and turned until I got a comfy position.
  5. Next day (today), unbent each cleaner one at a time, I slide some and some I had to unravel because it hurt sliding dem out 🙁

NB: For the next time (if there will be a next time) I know not to unravel them, although I like the look, I wanted a shorter and tighter curl. Also, I notice places that were straighter than the rest, so I will assume these were still a little damp.  Next time I will try putting them in from the Saturday and not the Sunday, to give it enough time to dry. These are the finished look at different angles…pay no attention to meh greys eh!

Front lookSide viewBack viewOther side view

Who said having locs means being restricted to one style eh! I can’t wait to put it up and play around with it.



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