My 2013 in Review

2013 was a great year for my family and I.  We bought our first home, our oldest started a new educational journey (college-life) and started driving, I bought a new car, we added another being to our home (Chester the cat, hehehe) and I also went back to school to add another degree under my belt.

I had a little setback with my knee surgery but what is life without some kind of setback.  Sometimes it is not the setback but more-so of how you get back up has been my motto.

These are a few pics  of what 2013 was like for me and also should have been blog posts but was being a tad bit lazy on top of being very busy….


My baby that I call Olive…Lincoln MKX…if any of you are in the market for a luxurious vehicle that takes regular gas and good on highway mileage, this is the way to go.

Olive MKX

My second attempt at pipe cleaner curls:

ImageMy updo style after removing the pipe cleaners.  I simply tucked the curls in with no pins to create this hairstyle and let a few curls drop to the side.


Curls all dropped at about 3 weeks into having it in my hair.  Btw, this style lasted a whole month and a few days.  I just had to clean my scalp in between with dry shampoo and did my hair-line with rubbing alcohol and added some cortisone cream because it looked like I was getting a bit of psoriasis.  I typically suffer with dry scalp because I tend to not moisturize often.  This is my new year’s resolution..MORE MOISTURIZING TO MY LOCS!!!


I decided to go back to getting my nails professionally done. I got tired of having one hand looking all pretty while the other looking all jacked up…This was my first attempt at this new place and I was really impressed with the girl’s attention to detail and to being a perfectionist.  These gel nails lasted me 2 weeks with no chips or cracks and they also used LED lights instead of UV lights, so that was a plus for me.



My second visit to them and I chose the color Muir Muir on the Wall by OPI…the pictures does not do the color justice unfortunately.  It was a beautiful color on my nails and matched with most of the work clothes.


This is the same color as above but after 3 weeks.  The nail technician told me that I could have lasted for three weeks after my last visit instead of the normal 2 weeks.


This is my Christmas nails…In My Santa Suit by OPI….I always felt that red is my color, it somehow jumps out with my skin-tone.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get them done with my usual nail technician and I could tell that this one was rushing and didn’t do right.  My cuticles were all hacked up and my right thumb was chipped and lifting by the time I got home.  I was so tempted to go back but just didn’t feel for the hassle, so I painted both thumbs gold to hide away the chip.


I do not believe in making New Year’s resolutions, especially those I know I won’t be able to stand by, like going to the gym, lol…But I do believe in living a better life and letting go of all negativity and people that are not on the same wavelength as me.

I wish you guys and girls a Happy 2014 and hope that everything you wish for would be attained. I always say if you claim it, it can be yours!  So claim good and realistic things for the New Year people….if any of yall claim the lottery don’t forget a sister now 🙂


Happy New Year

Meli Mel

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