Once you go black….:)

It is said that once you go black, you can’t go back…hehehehe. I will test that theory with my hair (what were you thinking!)…

I have been experimenting with changing my hair color for a few months now and finally decided to go to a professional to put it strictly black, well blue-black.  After 2 attempts of trying to get fully black, it was time to say ok let the professional do their thing.  There are some things in life that one should just go to a professional to get it done.  Now my reason for coloring my hair was that I found that the other color and the bleached ends was really drying up my scalp and my hair overall.  I am not one for maintaining my hair (shame face) so I don’t really moisturize like I should and this adds to the fact I have color on it.

I must say from the time I put the black color on it, my hair has not been as dry as it used to be and I have been trying to maintain it a little more often.  Just before I started writing this post, I had just finish shampoo and moisturize with some coconut oil brought up from home.  I really try to put all natural products in my hair and what is best than some coconut oil from home with no chemicals.

I have compiled a few pics of my hair with different colors and my latest (which I love the most)








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