On a hunt for the perfect work shoes….

Hi, I am Meli Mel and I am a shoe-aholic….I love shoes and I can’t seem to have enough.  This morning I was having a conversation with my husband about building me a closet storage for all my shoes because the walking closet is not working out no more…I need a room to line up my shoes properly to have easy access to it and perhaps a long mirror in it to try on and ting…ladies yall know what I mean.  Although he said yes, he said the last time that I am beyond an average woman with all the shoes that I have because according to him the average woman supposed to have at least 17-20 pairs of shoes and for my post not to come back and bite meh, I will not say how many pairs I have but let’s just say it is not 20 🙂 (like I said I am a shoe-aholic, so doh judge me).  Men just don’t understand eh, we need a shoe and a bag to match our outfits, wham to dem…hehehehehe.

But anyway, I have been on the hunt for the perfect work shoes forever.  Sometimes I want to wear heels to work to make me look a little taller but mama can’t be in heels all day long man and have to stick to flats.

I got these sometime ago and had to return cause the fit just wasn’t right and to me these were the perfect work shoes.  Of course now I see they are retailing for $85 while I got it for $45.  These are Report Bishop Loafer Pumps and seems to be sold out everywhere 🙁

Then I added these flats to the collection but somehow my soul is still not at rest lol.  I have the Black Patent and Tan in these from DV by Dolce Vita Wentz (49.99 but retailing for 61 and also sold out everywhere).  The last one is also from Report (29.99 and retailing at DSW for 44.94)





The above is from Michael Antonio, (Got for $25 and retailing for $69 at Zappos).  I wore this one a few times and at the end of the day my toes and knees does be cussing me….so they are in the back of the closet.  These shoes are just to look cute in not to walk in it all day long.

So ladies my quest for the perfect work heel still goes on, the flats are fine just need a little heel in my life.

What is your shoe collection like and are you like me; looking for the perfect work shoes or am I in this mess by myself lol.


Meli Mel


17-20 shoes!!! Is he insane? I will not say how many pairs I have ..lol. I wore heels when I went to an office for work. I always found cute comfy heels from Nine west, aldo and dollhouse. Also check Kenneth Cole…you have to search more to find something cute IMO but their shoes are good to your feet. Oh and naturalizer too, but


Nica ent naturalizer “old people” shoes…lol but wait i old lmbo…oh and did I mention that I am not a fan of shopping…i want to go in and out and the idea of having to go around and try on plenty shoes doesn’t sound too appealing…and yes girl study shows that the average women have 17-20 shoes (i bet is men that conducted or came up with that survey eh)


OMG! Mel bodu – when I ready your scrap booking post and shoe post is like I talking to myself. Gurl I keep asking my son when he moving out because his room is my shoe closet… I cannot use the guest room – cuz of course I doh want guest all up in my business.. 17-20 pairs he mad oui… shoot I am such a shoe-aholic I went on a 9-west binge cuz they were having a sale – I got 8 pairs of shoes for $140. I sent 3 bad too small dunno what that was about but now I have no space… in the last 2 months I have gotten at least 10 pairs of shoes… and I still shopping for the perfect bday shoes… HELP!! I NEED REHAB… I need a shoe closet and a Scrapbooking ROOM!!!


Oh Drea doh ask for scrapbooking room self eh…i just got a new shipment that i meant to post some pics of and I say I not ordering anymore until maybe next month lol cause i running out of space…just developed some photos so I have to do some pages pretty soon….so i need a room just for shoes and one just for scrapbooking…lol dat sounding like a mansion I looking for my next house oui…but ummmm 10 pairs of shoes in 2 months???? bon dieu i not that bad, sounds like u need more than rehab oui, lol


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