Happy Elections Day!!

Happy Elections!!

This was a very important election for my daughter and I.  It was our first time voting!  We headed to the polls like 8 am and 2 hours later we were done.  I won’t even talk about the ignorance I heard while on the line, (this is a happy post, lol). She was very happy and proud.  Honestly I was very impartial.  I just wanted to practice the right that was given to me as an American citizen.

So here is to 4 years of changes, whether it is for the good or the bad.  Like I told my daughter, despite who wins, life must go on!  Hopefully it would be a life that can have good news for middle class people like me and the rest of us that are out there that can’t seem to get things we want cause we either not poor enough or not rich enough….

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