Love hate relationship with hair

I am having a love hate relationship with my daughter’s hair.  I cannot control that frizz for nothing.  I have become a product junkie just for her and nothing can tame that hair.  Her hair stays nice and neat only when it is just done…come back five minutes later and is frizz or if is a straight style I was going for it would curl up.  Is times like this I would just drop some creamy crack on she head you know.  But I am refraining from any type of chemical in her hair.

I can’t really describe the texture of her hair, it has curls to it but certain points of it is straight.  When I shampoo her hair it is like a big ball of frizz.  I try to take pictures of her different styles just to compare.  Oh and don’t even suggest tying her hair, because you can tie her hair with 4 sets of things and in the morning, it is all out.

These are pics of her hair 3 years ago, the hair hasn’t changed much maybe just in length.  I find she had some shrinkage over the years, not sure why but I guess that is how it goes.



This is the style she got after:


This was her September style….I can’t comb her everyday so braids have to last at least 2-3 weeks lol…oh I was going for the mohawk effect in this style 🙂


I will continue updating this blog with her weekly or whenever styles…and also the various products I use in her hair until then here is to hubby and I breaking our back to shampoo that hair.



Meli Mel

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