No Ice-Cream Party!

September 11, 2012

So my son has (well had) an ice-cream party to go to for his after-school program.  The whole week that is all I am hearing and reminding me of turning in the money.  So last night we had a meeting for Mackie’s program, and as soon as I pick them up first question out of my mouth is do you guys have homework.  He was the first to say yes and it has already been completed.  Of course, I had to see with my own eyes.  I double checked it and gave it back to him.

Fast forward to this morning, goes into his planner where they are supposed to write in all their homework.  Three different sets of homework not done :(. So guess what, NO ICE-CREAM PARTY!

My son is in third grade and I think that it is a very hard transitional stage for any child, we have spoken to him about this stage and how the playing would have to stop and to be very diligent with his school work.  So like de old people does say, who doh hear go feel.  No ice-cream party or toys.

Recently some people were discussing that if kids don’t read by third grade they often fail to catch up and are more likely to drop out of school, take drugs, or go to prison.  Now whether this is true or not, I refuse to let my child be a statistic.  We will be hitting the books harder than before.  He will hate me for now but when he gets older he will thank me!

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    1. Ah the joys of education! Discipline him now to get HW done within a day while the material is still fresh on his mind. That way he can see what his problem areas are and they can be addressed.

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