Gel Nail Polish

For the past few years, I had been putting gel powder or once or twice acrylic powder on my nails.  Well father time is now making me feel the effect of it.  The nails are all so pretty and perfect but the long-term effect on the nails is not that pretty.  My natural nails have grown brittle and break so easily.  I hate the feeling of not having something on my nails now, but I didn’t want to put no more powders or fake nail on it.  The constant filing with that professional nail-filing machine is just not kind to the nail bed at all…

So for the past few months, I have been using gel nail polish on my nails.  Now typically when I write something on my blog, I of course have to research.  I am now reading that even the gel nail polish is not all that safe because of the UV light that is used to dry/cure the nails L.  Apparently you can get skin cancer from the UV lights, although there have been no direct instances of it happening, but we know of all the warnings about the sun/UV light and how it can be dangerous for our skin.  Some places have started using LED lights which are more safer than the UV lights.  I will definitely be recommending that to the place that I go to.

The jury is still out on how much damage that it is actually doing to my fingers compared to the gel powder.  While reading it was mentioned that the acetone that most places use to take off the gel is harmful, but my lady uses simple nail polish remover soaked on a cotton and puts it over my nails and wrap the whole nail with foil.  She lets it sit for a little while and uses a scalpel like utensil to scrape off the residue.  She does her little magic and then applies the color and dries under the UV lamp.

Here are a few of the colors that I have tried, the first set is from the brand CND Shellac and I only started using OPI in the last one.  It typically lasts me two weeks or if I get idle I start peeling it off if I see an imperfection.



But like I said previously haven’t noticed much damage compared to when I had the gel powders, still monitoring it to see.

Meli Mel

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