Finally……….We have internet

Oh my word, this has been the toughest 6 weeks ever…we finally got internet! It wasn’t through our previous cable provider (Comcast) which we were waiting for.  And now I am putting them on blast because every time we called to see what was going on was some b.s. story about putting a ticket in for serviceability and we will personally get back to you….I have spoken to 6 different people already and up to now I haven’t heard from anyone.

So after using almost 20gb of data for last month, we decided to bite the bullet and go with someone else….Everybody is happy, my husband can now work effectively from home; my teenager is happy, no more scrutinizing her phones, she can now put back her instagram :).

And this is my first blog post for July and on my internet…..can you tell that I am doing the happy dance….



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