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May 15, 2015

Hey all,

I haven’t done a nail color post in a few months, so here goes….latest DIY colors with gel this time.  I always had the UV light machine and used it sparingly.  The last time I went to the nail place, I wasn’t pleased with how long my nails lasted and how they did it; so you know I had to go back to the old days and do my ish myself.  These are the colors that I had for the past month, the blueish being the latest.  The UV light is from the brand Kiss and was purchased from Walgreens. The nail polish is from Sally Hansen Salon Gel Collection which is typically $12.99 at Walgreens, but I got it on sale for half the price.


All I need to do my own salon looking nails: Gel Base Coat, Gel Top Coat, Gel Top Color, Gel Polish Cleanser Pads and UV light. wpid-img_20150420_082316.jpg

Color is Raisin the Barwpid-img_20150420_082234.jpg


Lasted for almost two weeks though and that was because I am in the water constantly, so that was expected.

wpid-img_20150511_104856.jpgNow this color, I am totally in love with it. For Teal Time. It is still going strong on my nails and would probably put on again before I move on to a newer color.

I remember my first time applying gel nails myself…it peeled off in like 2-3 days but now that I have become “more professional” it lasts almost 2 weeks and I am saving money by doing it myself…the trick to it I found out was applying thin coats and also keeping the nails short helps.

Until next nail color yall…….


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