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Recently someone asked me about my skincare because they too was suffering with skin discoloration like myself; so I felt a need to share what my skincare routine is.  I am not a big makeup kinna girl, I would wear makeup like 2 or 3 times in the month to go to work or if I am going out or date night with the hubby, I will put on light makeup. In all honesty I never had a routine for my face; it was wash off the makeup with wipes and use facial soap to take off any residue or on a normal day when I don’t have makeup I would just splash water on my face and maybe use a little facial soap.  As I have moved up in age (cough) and seeing that I don’t know where the fountain of youth is, I have started taking better care of my face.  

A few months back, I saw some discoloration on my forehead and I figured it was maybe my head scarf was too tight on my forehead and left it at that, but then it didn’t go away and after some careful research, I learnt it was basically old age creeping up on me (cough, cough).  I decided to grab the bulls by its horn and really start taking care of myself.  I am no beauty consultant or skin care specialist but I know what works for me through trial and error and the products below have been working for me and I can see some differences in my face.

I have a 2 step routine: Night-time and morning time.

So in the morning, I use the Clarisonic Gel Cleanser on the Clarisonic Mia 1 Brush then I use the Clarisonic Radiance Activator Serum which apparently is a boost to the skin and I finish off with the Origins Plantscription SPF 25 Power Anti-Aging Cream which contains Anogeissus which supposedly is very effective at preventing collagen breakdown and restoring youthful skin structure. 

Here is a better picture of the container: 

At nights, I use Clarisonic Radiance PM Renewing Peel Wash and moisturize with Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum.

Once a week, I exfoliate and or use a charcoal mask and although I have read about using toners, I don’t incorporate it right now into my routine.  In the past when I used Clinique’s facial line I would use the exfoliator and the toner and although I have no reason that I stopped using it except that it finished and I was lazy about going to the mall to get more, lol (I am a busy woman eh)

So there you have it, in the meantime, if any of yall have discovered the fountain of youth and can bring back about 1 gallon or so of water for me, I will greatly appreciate it. Please and funks. 

So what if any is your routine like or if you think there is a product out there that is good for pigmentation and it is age defying, please share in the comments. 


Meli Mel 


I loved reading about your skincare routine. I often wonder what other women use. This Plantscription sounds really good. I am at a point where I am ready to try something new. Thanks for the detailed info! 🙂


Thanks for stopping by Vessy..Origins is really good and feels so good on the skin too! 🙂


I can’t relate to the aging discolouration – yet – but I do love experimenting with facial products. I love Origins, it’s such a great company. They also have a recycling program where they will take back makeup containers from any company and recycle it for you! Love it! I currently wash my face with The Soap Works chamomile bar and moisturize with Olay Moisturizing cream daily. Twice a week I exfoliate with Live Clean Facial Scrub. I’m moving away from packaged beauty products so currently looking into using a coffee scrub to replace Live Clean.


Thanks for stopping by Sarah. Didn’t know Origins were so awesome, I love companies who recycle…hmmm interesting though; coffee scrub..


I’ve heard so many good things about Murad lately – especially their multivitamin oil (I think that’s what it’s called..)
Thanks for sharing!


Ahh thanks Brooke, I will have to do some research on that one and add to my regime. Thanks for stopping by.


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