Miami Carnival 2016 Review with Pics

My daughter played mas for the first time as an adult.  She played with Freaks/Karma out of New York City.  Her experience with the band was very good and she enjoyed herself.  Her qualms and as far as I am hearing from alot of people was the venue. I have always thought that having a parade of this size in a residential area that really don’t know the culture was always a bad idea but what do I know.  According to the many people that I spoke to, the logistics were so off.  People were walking around helter skelter trying to find the entrance and don’t get me started on the parade route.  Fences were on both sides and most revelers were jumping up in the grass while the music trucks were on the pavement, because this so called parade was in a parking lot.  I mean who pays from $250 basic price to almost $700 to jump up in a parking lot, it couldn’t be me.

Anyway, I digress but before I do that, let me make a suggestion; come down to Homestead and make the place yall home or find some other place for people to really enjoy the road as carnival should be experienced.  Hollywood just started with carnival and they on the streets, NY on the streets, Toronto on the streets, why can’t Miami that have been bringing mas for 30 years plus can’t be on the streets or get a good location and not moving here there and everywhere.

Enjoy the random pics that were captured though 🙂

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