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They say first impressions are lasting and sometimes I agree with this statement sometimes I don’t.  I received a package in the mail and the first impression I got was awwwww and couldn’t wait to open up the package. The outside packaging alone left a lasting impression on me!

Box coverThis beautiful entrepreneur took the time to handwrite my name and the company’s name in such a beautiful and artistic manner that I knew I was in for a treat when I opened the box.  And a treat it was.  Before I divulge into some more information about JiJi Designs, let me reveal what was in the box:

All cards

An individual glimpse of inside, back and front of each card:

First Card is a Valentine’s Day card…and people all I can tell you is that these pictures do not do the card justice.  Envelopes are also custom made.

Front Valentine's Card

Inside VDay Card

Back of VDayCard

Second card is a Christmas Card:

The details on this card were just so exquisite and you can tell that JiJi Designs put all her creativity into it.

Front of Christmas Card

Inside of Christmas Card

Back of card

The other card is a Just because card…you know when you have that special someone or just a friend that you are thinking of….

Just Because

Inside Just Because

Honestly I can tell you once again, these pictures do not do these cards justice and also maybe because I am taking pics on an iPhone…(bet if it was my now defunct Note 7, they would look better….I kid)

Anyway, if you are looking for a personal touch and custom made one of a kind card for any occasion, you should check out the beautiful JiJi Designs.  She also does invitations, wall drawings  and niche drawings.

Check out her website http://www.jijidesigns.com/ and follow her on FB Jeejeedesigns Facebook or Instagram Jiji_designs IG


Thank you so, so much for reviewing our cards on your blog! JiJi D. appreciates the kind words and all the photos you took to display our works of art. It’s truly an honor!!! xoxoxo


It was my pleasure.


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