Mascots International Presents Warriors Gone Wild for Miami Carnival 2016

In true Mascots International form, they have launched their costumes for Miami-Broward Carnival 2016 at their mas camp.  They are celebrating their 20th Anniversary and are going wild for it lol….their theme is Warriors Gone Wild!  The costumes are in my opinion typical Mascots style costumes. Don’t get me wrong though, they are pretty and I have played mas with them twice and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Here are some sneak peaks of their costume:

MascotsMy favorite costume (this picture doesn’t do it justice)


Hidden Treasures

This section below is from Aurora Borealis Mas.  Follow them on Facebook for more information: Aurora Borealis Mas Facebook

Aurora Borealis Mas


aurora male


Follow mascots at any of the below social media pages or their website for more information and to see more detailing of their costumes.

Mascotsintl IG

MascotsInternational Facebook



Meli Mel

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