Bajan Fuh Evah Mas Presents Evolution for Miami Carnival 2016

June 28, 2016

Bajan Fuh Evah had their band launching on Saturday June 25th.  Their presentation for this year’s Miami-Broward Carnival is Evolution. Honestly when they first came out a few years ago, I wouldn’t have played mas with them and over time I must say they are truly living up to their presentation, because they have truly evolved.  Granted their theme isn’t so much about how they have evolved as a mas band but more on the lines of how Barbados has evolved and the celebration of the country’s 50 years of Independence.

Here are a few of their costumes:

Emancipation FLEmancipation Frontline (Love this costume and color combo)


Pride and IndustryPride and Industry

Pride and Industry FLPride and Industry Frontline 

Crop OverCrop Over

Crop Over FLCrop Over Frontline


Backline pics can be seen on their Facebook or IG page here:  Bajanfuhevahmas Facebook or Bajanfuhevahmas IG.  Stay tuned to their website for information on registration


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