Karma Carnival with FreaksMas for Labor Day 2016 (NY)

For Labor Day 2016, Karma Carnival will be having a section with Freaks Mas.  Their section is called Navajo and they will be doing it different; no “Frontline or Backline” per se; they are doing a create your own look.  So you basically choose whatever options you want…if you want to have your big head-piece that will make you feel that you jumping front-line and have a plain bra, then yeah that is your choice.

Check out some of their options:



DSC_1156-3(Dais a big head piece eh…my kinda ting doh)


DSC_0955-4(I love the detailing and the color combo on this bra)

To register you can visit here: Karma Registration

Follow Karma on their IG for more information @ Karmacarnival IG

and also

FreaksMas here: Freaksnymas Website or their Facebook FreaksMas Facebook or IG: Freaksmas IG



Meli Mel

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