Mascots International Presents Power of Crystals for Miami-Broward Carnival 2018

July 28, 2018

One of my favorite mas bands out of Miami has launched for Miami Broward Carnival and here are the pickings for 2018

Amazonite- Frontline w/bkpk (also available without the backpack

Amazonite Backline with bkpk (also available without backpack)

Amazonite Male

Apatite FL w/bkpk (also available without bkpk)

Apatite BL w/bkpk (no bkpk option available)

Apatite Male

Carnelian FL w/bkpk (no bkpk option available)

CarnelianBL w/bkpk (no bkpk option available)

Carnelian Male

Mangano FL w/bkpk (no bkpk option available)

Mangano FL with small collar

Mangano BL with decorated panty & Collar (other options available)

Mangano Male

Tiger Eye FL w/bkpk & cape (other options available)

Tiger Eye BL w/attached belt (other options available)

Tiger Eye Male

All male costumes are $295 and the women costumes ranges from $360 to $850.  The colors for the most part do represent the sections, although for Mangano, I would have used a lighter pink like the below pic, but overall I am glad that they didn’t just slap names on costumes without showing a true representation.

My top costumes are:

Visit their website for more information on registration and to see the other choices of the costumes:



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