D’Junction Presents Harlem: The Golden Age for Miami-Broward Carnival 2018

I have never played mas with D’Junction but I have attended fetes that they have organized and have had a time.  D’Junction have come a long way since 2012 and you can see the differences in their costume from then to now.

For 2018, they are presenting Harlem: The Golden Age and here are some of their costume selections.  You can visit their website to see more options of these costumes and for registration information.

Djunctionmas.com: Harlem: The Golden Age


Smoke Frontline: Sponsored by Pure Bacchanal
Jazzy Frontline: By Exotica
Jazzy Midline: By Exotica
Cats Meow Frontline: By D’Junction
Cats Meow Backline: By D’Junction
Golden Frontline: By Carnival Crew
Golden Backline: By Carnival Crew
The Arts Frontline: By D’Junction
The Art Midline: By D’Junction
The Arts Backline: By D’Junction
Canary Josephine B-Frontline: By Carnival Faces




Canary Josephine B-Backline: By Carnival Faces
Moonshine Frontline: By Nsirrah

(Not a fan of the leg piece at all, costume is a bit too busy)

Mecca – Sole Male Costume

Mecca is the only male costume and they have free rein to roam in any of the female sections.

The male costume is $355 which includes J’ouvert and their Monday Beach lime.

Female costume ranges from $430 to $795 and they too include J’ouvert and the beach lime.

My favorite costumes are:

I love the pearls in Smoke (left) and I love the look of nakedness in Jazzy.

As a sidenote doh…why is there a $3 Park Fee for de revellers, how I ent seeing other bands collecting dat fee, hmmmmm.


Meli Mel


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