Marriage is a commitment of love!


Marriage, divorce, infidelity has been on my mind for the past few weeks.  I know someone who is going through a rough patch in her marriage and she approached me for advice.  Of course my first response to her is I am crazy, so what I would do is not what you would do.  She has been married for almost a decade if not more and I do not know if her husband is going through some kind of mid-life crisis and feels to dip out on the marriage but he has decided to go out and CHEAT!

He does not want a divorce, according to him and did not give a reason for his infidelity.  So she does not know what to do and asked me whether I thought she should confront the woman.  Now everyone that knows me, knows that I am a devil and an angel (lol), so the inner rude and feisty devil in me is telling her to buss some *** but the angel is telling her as well, that the lady is not the problem, you have to deal with what’s inside your household. 

Apparently the angel won the fight and convinced her to deal with the husband instead.  My thing is, let’s say you confront that lady and she start telling you things that you don’t have the stomach to handle, what are you going to do?  That is why it is best to handle it at home; that man you married knows (well he should know) what you can handle and can soften the blows, the outside woman have no regards to your feelings and do not need to soften blows for you.  (Remember she wants your man so she will say anything to make you leave).

Now in the above scenario, the husband is bringing horna-woman (outside woman) on vacations and dinner and what not.  So I told her now that he has supposedly stopped because he got caught, he need to bring you on vacation somewhere better and take you to dinner too…You want to spend money on other women like that, then best believe you will be spending it on me too.  Some of her friends even told her that she need to look for a horna-man too…I say NO to that, you do not need to do the same thing he is doing.  Remember marriage is a commitment of love and not because he broke his commitment, that means you should break yours too.

Remember ladies and gentlemen if ever in a situation like this remember to handle your business at home and do not confront no woman/man and according to my husband of Bajan descent;  do-fa-do, ain’t no obeah.  But I must say she is a better woman than me, cause ohhhhhhh what I would do to them both eh, but dais another story!


Glad I subscribed…also glad that she took the high road. Karma will get him for her…


I always believe in Karma, it has it ways of showing it nasty head in situations so.


oh lawd!!!! do-for do!!!!!!!


What you wondering uh Mr Man?


I’m proud of the angel in you Meli. She made a commitment to her husband and he to her. He broke that committment so the person she needs to confront is her husband not the girl.


Hi meli
Good advice. I believe that the woman in question should think about maintaining her pride and dignity as a woman and forget about confrontation with that other woman. The saying that WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND will surely come in handy when this man gets his fair share with that other woman one day.


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